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Like most of us I wear a few hats.....
About Me: Welcome

Masters Student 

An exciting and interesting hat is that of a part-time Masters Student. I am undertaking my Masters in Technological Futures at Tech Futures Lab.

What is that, you might ask? Tech Futures Lab is  New Zealand’s most innovative, transformative learning environment where people come to find their edge in a rapidly changing world. A private Post Graduate Institution developed Aotearoa's first innovation-focused Master’s programme; Tech Futures Lab focuses on helping students embed critical thinking skills and innovation mindsets to create novel, purpose and value-based solutions that answer real-world challenges. I get to engage with and learn from industry experts and fellow students about the worlds of technology, innovation and sustainable futures, to name but a few areas. My research project is to understand how to support female small business owners can maximise their business success and work-life balance by engaging further with emerging and disruptive technology. 


My most crucial hat is that of a working mum to two gorgeous (most of the time) kiddies who are 6 and 8 and a wonderful, talented and supportive husband. There are also a couple of rather large dogs thrown in the mix. 


Small Business Owner

I understand the work/life juggle of having been a small business owner myself. When I was six months pregnant with our first child, my husband was made redundant. We turned that "Oh cr@p!" moment into a thriving Tech Recruitment business. He has worked alongside our business partner for the last eight years, and I have provided People and Culture and Coaching expertise throughout. We grew the company from 2 founders sitting at our kitchen table to 15 awesome employees, at which point it was acquired. 

Professional and Coach 

My day-job hat, which I also really enjoy, I work for a large r for a large professional services firm in Auckland, New Zealand. I get the incredible opportunity to partner with exceptional leaders and clients to make New Zealand a more awesome place to live. I am also a qualified coach. This role gives me the privilege of working with people to help them reach their personal and business potential. 

About Me: About
Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 3.59.52 PM.png
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